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Escapeinout live @ Insomnia (Scordia-CT) - 15_09_2012 (di escapeinout)

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The Escapeinout are an Italian Metal band from Scordia,  formed in 2009. The creators of the band are bass player R.G. and vocalist Strazzio. Together, they made the first demo of the band, consisting of five tracks, in a small recording studio, set up by R.G (bass). This is where they came up with the name “Escapeinout”. The name of the band has a precise meaning: escaping aimlessly in a world of chaos and panic, with hidden references to the work of the devil in any natural or man-made disaster. 

The band is represented by a girl wearing a gas-mask sewn on her mouth and by an emblem representing a five-pointed star in an upright position encased in a circle, symbolising the source of creation, which contains a smaller inverted star with two points up, symbolising the worship of evil forces. This emblem is also used on the cover of the first album as a gas-mask filter. 

After a short break, the two members decided to show some tracks to guitarist Zed Favara and drummer Frank B.who also joined the band. The band, now made of four members, started breathing a new sound. 

The Escapeinout – frontman Strazzio, guitarist Zed Favara, drummer Frank B and bass player R.G. - released their first album “Born in A Sick World” in April 2011 for Lost Sound Records: dense, aggressive, destructive!

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